About AUS


Shire Advice Sevice is operated by Avon (University Settlement) Community Association, a registered charity.


Its charitable objects are to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Shirehampton and the neighbourhood (hereinafter called the “area of benefit”) without distinction of sex or of  political, religious or other opinions by:


(a)          The  advancement of education


(b)          Providing a regular service of general welfare for the Aged, Disabled and Teenagers, and maintaining contact with such statutory and local bodies as may be necessary for the furtherance of such work


(c)          Aiding and making grants to other local establishments and voluntary organisations with like aims,  and providing facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation and leisure time occupation


(d)          Encouraging research and liaising with local schools for the purposes specified above and making grants to such schools


The Association is non-party in politics and non-sectarian in religion.


Our Annual Report and Accounts give full details of the Association's activities.